Eye up good vision – Healthy

Eye up good vision – Healthy

Were you ever told as a child, ‘eat your carrots to help you see better’? This might have been a clever ploy to make you eat your vegetables, but in fact, there is a food that really can help maintain your eye health – blueberries. And, with New Nordic’s Blue Berry Eyebright range of supplements, you can get all the nutritional benefits of this little fruit – which, alongside a healthy lifestyle and diet, can help keep your eyes working at their best.

Blueberry booster

Hidden inside each little blueberry are compounds called flavonoids, which have a positive effect on blood circulation in the smallest blood vessels in the eye – ensuring cells get all the nutrients they need to continue functioning properly. Research also shows that blueberries contain a pigment called lutein, which is found naturally in the part of the eye that is used for focusing and seeing detail. However, as we age the amount of lutein in our eyes reduces, which in turn can lead to blurred vision and cataracts – but this extra hit from blueberries can help maintain lutein levels in our bodies. Who knew so much goodness was packed into something so small? 


The future’s Eyebright

Decide which of the Blue Berry Eyebright supplements is for you!
Blue Berry Eyebright: In addition to blueberry, this contains tagetes flower, standardised to contain 10mg lutein per daily dose. With a month’s supply in each packet, simply take two tablets a day*.
Blue Berry Eyebright Plus Mega Strength: Contains the same dose of lutein and blueberry, plus zinc and vitamin A. These minerals help maintain healthy vision too, so you’ll get even more goodness! All you need is one tablet a day, and each pack has a month’s supply.



new_nordic_logo_10x10_cm New Nordic’s Blue Berry Eyebright range is available in selected Holland & Barrett stores and online at

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